About Us

Bristol Who's Who was founded over a decade ago on the idea that personal achievement merits recognition, exposure and opportunities. That's why we created an environment that fosters such recognition and provides networking for select professionals.

Who We Are

Bristol Who's Who is a New York City-based premier international registry and networking forum dedicated to aggregating and honoring top professionals, executives, and business owners of organizations, businesses, and associations throughout the world..

What We Do

Bristol Who's Who is more than just a registry of accomplished individuals. We're a full service online networking platform, designed to provide our members with the tools and means to make long lasting and valuable connections.

Furthermore, Bristol Who's Who offers a large selection of products and service, with each program tailored specifically to suit the diverse needs of our members. To learn more please visit the products and services page. To see how members benefit from being a part of Bristol Who's Who, visit the member benefits page.

Mission Statement

As a selective membership organization, Bristol Who's Who is dedicated to providing top tier service to its elite members. We are forum for serious, like-minded professionals to connect, conduct business, and make themselves known to their fellow members and the world, receiving recognition for the excellence of what they do. It is the mission of Bristol Who's Who to empower professionals from all industries and stages of professional development to experience greater levels of success by providing them with unique opportunities in order to develop and promote their personal brands.


Bristol Who's Who aims to nominate distinguished alumni from around the world as members. Bristol Who's Who provides an additional avenue for these notable alumni to network - not just with alumni from their own alma mater, but from other top tier institutions as well. Many business owners and executives are using the Bristol Who's Who membership to connect with like-minded people.

Connecting with fellow alumni through a professional channel such as Bristol Who's Who has proven to be a valuable conduit for creating and nurturing long lasting business relationships. Members find that the common bond of their alma mater is a strong starting point for business connections.

In addition, Bristol Who's Who aims to honor select alumni for their outstanding achievements, leadership and/or humanitarian causes.

Our membership base is composed of over 500,000 individuals, which includes distinguished alumni from prestigious institutions worldwide. Unlike alumni associations, Bristol Who's Who requires that members complete a rigorous application process. Only certain applicants are selected and approved for membership. This vetting process means that all the members you'll network with are top tier, serious professionals.


Recently, Bristol Who's Who CEO was quoted on Forbes.